Camelot International are a hotel representation company based in the UK and America. As well as having a huge array of properties available around the world for you to book for a vacation we also use this site to showcase the best of Britain's heritage.

Everyone is unique and we'd like to prove it. Packed full of information about what makes your birthday special this is a great opportunity to find out more about the day of your birth.

We have great pleasure in offering you one of the finest resources on King Arthur and the myths and legends of Camelot on the internet.
Look no have found Camelot!

For 900 years of British history why not take a look at Camelot International's Tower of London Website.
This is not the official Tower of London Website though it is supported by the Yeoman Warders of the Tower.

The entire history of the four inhabited continents of the world. From the first century to present day. Discover your history today.

Britain has one of the richest histories in the world and Camelot International can show you some of that history and heritage now.

What have the romans ever done for us? Well why not take a look in here to find out!

Available through our secure server - a range of books and other merchandise from the Camelot vaults.

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Let Camelot International take the strain out of travel. With over 4,000 hotels and villas at your disposal you can be guaranteed of a great deal when you book with Camelot.

Telstar Video and British Pathe Films have joined with Camelot International to bring you over 300 quicktime movie clips from their "Year to Remember" video catalogue.

Lots of information about the current Royal families of the world and the Royal Palace News which brings you up to date with what the English Press are saying about the British Royal Family.

With so many great ideas in the world it's easy to miss some of them first time around. We have brought together some of our favourites for you to browse.

Everyone has a name but not everyone knows where their name came from. We can help you trace your name - whether it be a traditional English surname or the name of a Scottish Clan..

A bluffers guide to all the greats from the worlds of literature, music and art.

Camelot International Desktop Calendar
Any Date, Any Year! Using many of the images from 'The Legend of Camelot' with information about each Arthurian Character. . .
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Rulers of England Screensaver
Entertaining and educational with information on the Kings and Queens of England from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II.
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Virtual Europe Screensaver
Courtesy of Netgate publishing and Camelot International we can offer you this brilliant new screensaver which shows several virtual panoramas of European cities.
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N.B you will need quicktime installed on your machine to use this screensaver.

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Camelot International invite you to view eleven of the most popular European cities using quicktime panoramas. Learn more about each destination and actually "feel" the city around you.

The latest news and gossip from the London social scene. A Camelot International publication - Hot Gossip UK is only available on the internet and is absolutely free.

With information on all the people you would expect to find in a medieval village this provides an excellent learning resource for young and old alike.
When you tire of learning why not take a break by trying out the shockwave games

The National Canine Defence League invite you to help them support man's best friend.

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